Seasonal Availability and Why it’s Important for your Wedding Day
Seasonal Availability and Why it’s Important for your Wedding Day

Seasonal Availability and Why it’s Important for your Wedding Day

My Oma and her Sweet Pea Bouquet

There are many different varieties of Flowers that are available all year round, however some of the most highly sought-after flowers are often the hardest to source (e.g. peonies, dahlias, tulips). For those of us who have always had flowers as a huge part of our lives; not getting the flowers that you have always pictured in your wedding bouquet can be heart breaking.

My Mum has always told me the story of how both her and her mother (my Oma) both wanted Peonies for their wedding flowers, their beautiful fluffy pink petals are such a staple in so many bridal bouquets.

Unfortunately, as both of them were married in April, this didn’t align with the Peony season here in Australia (or the Netherlands where Oma got married), which typically runs from late October to mid-December. Working with their Florist, they were still able to get beautiful bouquets that suited their style.

My Mum and her Cascading Bouquet

Finding out your dream wedding flower isn’t in season when you’re planning your day can be a huge disappointment, but it’s always better to find out sooner rather than later and that’s what we (your wedding florist) are here for.

Sometimes our incredible suppliers can source these precious blooms from overseas, or sometimes they may look a little different (size, height, colour), but this can add additional costs to your bouquet.

One of our gorgeous brides Belinda with her daughters, all holding peony bouquets.

We use some overseas suppliers for different varieties however, we love working with and sourcing as many locally grown blooms for your incredible arrangements as the price is often more affordable, the freshest quality possible and its always a great feeling knowing you’ve supported a local flower farmer (we never say no to an excuse for a drive in the gorgeous hills to pick up your blooms and choose them cut fresh from the ground either!)

A Native Arbour Installation by Flower Brain

Here at Flower Brain, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and source your wedding flowers to match the colours you’re after. We love the creativity of finding complementing Flowers and Foliage that suit your budget and style.

Wedding Flowers complement the style of your venue, your dress and your unique personality. So, if the flower you’re set on is not in season, we can attempt to substitute for artificial. Artificial flowers are often made of Silk and can have a real touch feel. Sometimes your favourite foliage or flower can also be available in a preserved range.

A Peony Bouquet designed by Flower Brain

Seasonal availability can be confusing; however, we are here to help you find alternatives and design Wedding flowers that will help make your Beautiful Day even more special.

For common wedding Flower Availability, see our Wedding Flowers Availability Table.

For more Flower Seasonal Availability, see Red Earth Flowers Guide.

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